Another quintessentially American style, the Ranch style reflects a traditional and practical approach to house design.

The modern Ranch style evolved in the post-WWII era. Land was plentiful so, on large suburban lots, there was no need to conserve space by building upwards. Ranch home plans expanded outwards on a single story, causing them to be known in some regions as Ramblers.

The Ranch’s hallmarks are a convenient single level, low-pitched roof, attached garage, picture windows and sliding glass doors to backyard patios.

Brio’s take on this American standard adds space (usually including a lower level), and visual and architectural interest. Bump-outs, bay windows (and the warm and lovely window seats they can allow), covered patios, and the use of stone and brick elevate the once cookie-cutter image of the Ranch to one with an abundance of personality.


“We love our home, our dogs love our home, it is more than we could have ever dreamed of! The craftsmanship is exceptional and the service we received from the staff at Brio was superb!” 

-Gary & Beth