modern style home


The Industrial style has strong, sleek lines and no-frills surfaces. Corrugated and woven metal, concrete, pipes, beams and bars are its touchstones, both inside and out. Exceptionally clean and efficient, Industrial style showcases the beautiful interplay between pure form and function.

Exteriors feature squared-off rectilinear forms, broad planes with little ornamentation and decoration, strong industrial materials and basic colors.

Inside, the term “open floor plan” doesn’t do the Industrial style interior justice. The cavern-like openness is one of the key characteristics of the Industrial Style, allowing almost limitless flexibility in the living space.

Edgy and sophisticated, the Industrial style home is a bold statement.


“While the process of building can be stressful and exhausting, we also found it to be interesting and exciting because of your guidance and support. Through your caring, patience, understanding, creativity, hard work and skill, you have taken what was once only our dream and made it into reality. What you have helped to create is more than just a house. It’s our home. And it’s where family will continue to create many happy memories…”

–Mark & Corissa