Informal and inviting, the Farmhouse style is based on practical, functional homes and the ideas incorporated into them by the original American homesteaders.

The design details vary regionally in North America, but the Midwestern genre tended to be relatively large to accommodate the large family necessary for the success of a larger mid-western farm, compared to those of New England. Many were further expanded with a lean-to-like addition at the rear of the house, and this feature became associated with the Farmhouse style. The more decorated versions of Farmhouses included gabled roofs, large porches and/or wrap-around verandas.

The homes were usually designed with large, eat-in kitchens, so necessary for the working family. This is still a feature many Farmhouse-style homes retain, making the Farmhouse style exceptionally family-friendly, as you’d expect.


“My husband and I had a big dream and a smaller budget than would support that image. Brio was willing to work with us to realize our dream without compromising our vision. We had a lot of crazy ideas that were embraced and understood by the designers even though I’m sure it made more work for them. It was clear throughout the project that only the highest quality workmanship was accepted, from the people who work directly for Brio as well as all the subcontractors. Fabulous ideas are incorporated into our house that we didn’t even image due to inspiration from different people within the Brio network. The team communicated constantly between themselves and with us to ensure we were always happy with every detail. Brio was also very willing to accommodate our desire to do some of the work on the house. I don’t know many people who truly enjoyed building a house, but we certainly loved it. We ended up with a unique, interesting house, a great building experience, and a bunch of new friends that we hope to have for a long time!”