Brio Iconic Collection

Webster’s defines “Iconic” as “Art (of statues, portraits, etc.) executed according to a convention or tradition.”

And so it is with Brio’s Iconic Collection. The architectural styles that make up this collection are instantly recognizable, even to the untrained eye.

These architectural styles are deeply rooted in the commonalities of family and hard-working traditions, whether New England, Midwest, West Coast or even of older European heritage. And this collection boasts some of each.

Natural materials, usually from the land around the home site, prevail. Stylistic flourishes add eye-catching details and overall appeal. (No one ever said hard-working people couldn’t have verve and panache.)

The styles of Brio’s Iconic Collection are unique in origin and execution, and make a strong, clear statement. Brio has merely finessed the elements and elevated the styles to the heights they deserve.


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