Craftsman houses are uncomplicated in design and often use locally sourced materials such as wood and stone, representing a hand-crafted character. The goal of early designers was to achieve “honesty of design.”

Outside, low-pitched roofs can be hipped, gabled or with a clipped gable. Complex and cross-gabled rooflines are often used, combined with broad eaves, knee braces and exposed rafter tails and beams. Inside, the hand-crafted theme continues by using built-in aspects like seating “nooks.” With flowing space from the kitchen to the family and dining rooms, Craftsman Homes are “open plan” interiors that allow the family to be together while in their own spaces.

Whether a tidy, modest home or an impressive, well-appointed luxury home, the style can easily and readily be adapted.


“We knew we picked the right builder after our first meeting. You always knew what we were thinking about even we when didn’t do a good job of describing it. That made the whole building process really easy and not very stressful. We’ve gotten a lot of compliments and we have been telling everyone that asks who our builder was.”

–Steve & Lauren