As Master Home Builders, we’re well-versed in a wide variety of styles—styles which took root in different places and span the eras.  The most striking of these styles are represented here, in Brio’s four master collections.

Although a Brio home won’t look exactly like any other home, you’ll likely be drawn to a particular collection or a particular style.  Thus, your exploration may truly begin, and our mutual journey toward building a custom home that’s just your style.

Brio Iconic Collection Icon

These architectural styles are deeply rooted in the commonalities of family and hard-working traditions, whether New England, Midwest or West-coast. And this collection boasts some of each. Natural materials, usually from the land around the home site, prevail. Stylistic flourishes add eye-catching details and overall appeal.

Brio Modern Collection Icon

The Modern Collection from Brio embodies the artistic and stylistic sensibilities of the 1930s to the 1960s (and up to today, considering this style’s popularity).

This style has a great emphasis on modern materials such as steel, glass and concrete with varied proportions of natural materials like wood and stone.

Brio Natural Collection Icon

Brio’s Natural Collection could be considered the historical precursor to our Iconic Collection.

Consider the Log Cabin, one of our Natural Collection styles. It was the first style of permanent shelter for the folks who made the journey across the Atlantic to the New World. And you’d be hard-pressed to claim anything was more American than the Log Cabin.

Brio Traditional Collection Icon

Brio’s Traditional Collection consists of the styles of architecture that followed (chronologically) the Iconic Collection and are some of the most recognizable home styles in America. If you drove down a street in an early suburb of America, you could (and still will) see all the designs in this collection on that one street. We merely expanded them and turned up the luxury.

“After hearing stories from folks who had built houses versus buying a pre-owned home, we had anticipated several months of stress and anxiety as we went thru the building process.  But thanks to Jesse, Rob, Logan, Steve and especially Amanda, the whole experience was surprisingly positive and generally stress free!  They showed an incredible amount of patience and understanding, while emphasizing a desire to build us the home of our dreams.  I truly couldn’t have done it without Amanda’s help.  Her insight and design expertise was so appreciated and welcomed by both of us.  She is able to hone in on her client’s taste in style and help them make the best choices in materials for their dream homes.”

–Greg & Pam

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