modern style home


Also sometimes called “Modern,” this style is characterized by simple, clean horizontal and vertical lines, and large windows with simple frames. The exterior is a mix of mostly flat but sometimes-asymmetrical shapes, whether walls, windows or roofs.

A mix of materials — naturals such as wood and stone, and industrials such as glass, concrete, vinyl and steel — emphasize the concept of progressive architecture. For instance, cantilevered roofs of pressed steel might be supported by square columns made of stacked stone.

The floor plan is flexible and open, and the interior uses minimalist elements in décor. Extensive walls of windows allow a flood of natural light plus wonderful and panoramic views.

“The Brady Bunch,” television show featured an excellent example of this style.


“We have been very pleased with our decision to use Brio as our home builder.  We were most satisfied with the high quality work. Budget and timelines were as expected. The whole team was very attentive and interested in what we wanted.  We had many unusual ideas, and none were met with resistance. Rather, they were embraced with a “cool, how can we do this?” type of attitude.  It probably sounds strange to say, but we will miss their presence.”

–Therese & Steven