madison custom home design

From the Master Home Builders of Brio


If you’re drawn to timber and log materials but desire a more unique, contemporary feel, explore our Natural Element style.

Whether a lakefront home, or a house in the woods or on the prairie, the Natural Element style draws from its setting and brings the outdoors in. Large windows and architecture that honors the site’s specific landscape features set these homes apart. And what more inspiration can you ask for than Wisconsin’s varied landscapes?

Along with our custom designs, Brio is the only Wisconsin builder who can offer you architectural designs – and log and timber materials – from Natural Element Homes – yet another way to create a natural, one-of-a-kind dwelling.


“We have been very pleased with our decision to use Brio as our home builder.  We were most satisfied with the high quality work. Budget and timelines were as expected. The whole team was very attentive and interested in what we wanted.  We had many unusual ideas, and none were met with resistance. Rather, they were embraced with a “cool, how can we do this?” type of attitude.  It probably sounds strange to say, but we will miss their presence.”

–Therese & Steven